The event organized by Companhia Ambiental and the Secretariat for the Environment, in association with nrg4SD (Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development) and OLAGI (Organización Latinoamericana de Gobiernos Intermedios), the “Taller sobre Planes Climáticos Regionales Integrados” brought together on October 22-24, 2009, around 300 sub-national governments leaders coming from several different countries in order to provide to the participants an opportunity to share experiences and proposals to regional action plans on climate change.

The focus of the Seminary was the sub-national government role resulting from the increasing perception that climate change is a too important and wide challenge to be faced only by national governments and that others government levels and civil society can play a decisive role in this field. Moreover, climate change impacts are different in shape and intensity around the world,  which requires solutions and politics related to each geographic, economic and political region’s particularities.

The Taller opening was realized by Francisco Graziano Neto, Secretary for the Environment of the State of São Paulo, Fernando Rei, President of Companhia Ambiental, Fábio Feldmann, Executive Secretary of the Forum for Climate Change of the State of São Paulo and Paul Carrasco, President of OLAGI.

In the first two days of the Taller, regional leaders from Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico and from the Brazilian states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Bahia had opportunity to present their analysis of climate change global impacts and their policies and actions proposals that can be achieved in regional level. There were also speeches by the representatives from OLAGI, Climate Group and Foundation Amazônas Sustentável that brought interesting contributions coming from a non-governmental perspective. They highlighted the importance of the association between governments and others civil society organizations in planning actions against climate change impacts, which – tend to become increasingly more important over time.

In the third day of the event there was a technical visit to the Bandeirantes Landfill, when 80 participants had the opportunity to understand capturing and burning system of biogas generated by the Landfill.

The PowerPoint presentations showed in the Taller sobre Planes Climáticos Territoriales Integrados are available in this Proclima’s page and compiles a wide range of information and useful proposals in this subject.

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